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Opening hours & services update


We are very excited to announce that our physical shop will reopen from tomorrow (2 June) for refills.

Couple of ground rules/changes to the way we are doing things to keep everyone safe:-

  • only 1 customer in the shop at a time
  • please wait outside/in the shelter
  • hand sanitizer is provided for customer use
  • please only touch items you intend to purchase
  • cards/contactless payment only
  • please be mindful of the 2m rule
  • as difficult as it may be please resist the urge to hug the staff that you have missed these last few weeks  (we missed you too!)

We are refilling containers (including liquids) but please only bring CLEAN containers that stand up/stay open on their own, to limit our staff handling them.

We are still doing free community deliveries, click & collect and will continue our standard P&P orders for those not local to us.



From tomorrow all schemes are reopening EXCEPT soft and hard plastic. So we aren’t overwhelmed please drip feed your recycling through in small batches. We would ask you to bring no more than 1 carrier bag size for each recycling scheme per visit (I.e. you could bring three bags but they have to be for different schemes such as pet food pouches, crisp packets and biscuit wrappers).

Please remember we do NOT accept bags left at the side of bins, if the bin is full, we can’t take any more. We will however be clearing them regularly so please bear with us.