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Pet Food Pouch Recycling Closing

Unfortunately, Mars Petcare will no longer be sponsoring The Pet Food Recycling Programme and as such, the programme will be closing.

Our collections for this scheme will close on Saturday 6th Nov 21.

We’re pretty disappointed about this as I’m sure you will be too. The scheme is run by TerraCycle UK so it is out of our control to keep it open but should you want to write in support of the scheme to show how much it is needed please send your comments to customersupport@terracycle.co.uk – hopefully they will find a new sponsor soon. Or to contact Mars Petcare, the sponsor, you can reach them here https://www.mars.com/contact-us

However, in the meantime pet pouches can now be taken to Tesco stores with other soft plastics – remember to always clean them out. The other recycling schemes that we have will continue to operate as normal. For more information on the other schemes please visit: globefoundation.org.uk/recycling


Thank you for recycling with us and please make a note of the scheme closing date.

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