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Sustainable Uttoxeter Kick Off Meeting

With almost 40 attendees, last night’s Sustainable Uttoxeter Kick Off meeting was a great success. The engagement and ideas presented at the meeting, from such a wide and varied breadth of community members/organisations, formed a brilliant starting point for the project.

Kate Copeland – Project Chair said “There were some fantastic ideas and we already have people stepping forward for the working groups and the committee. That being said, we still need more people to get involved, especially if you are representing a local group.”

The working group themes are as follows:

  • Food & Agriculture
  • Education & Awareness
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Resource Management & Waste
  • Transport
  • Energy & Water
  • Housing & Planning
  • Biodiversity
  • Community
  • Industry& Tourism

Please email if you would like to be involved in a working group.


The chat transcript will be discussed at the first steering committee meeting to make sure all of the good ideas that were mentioned, are captured and reviewed as part of the consultation process. There were a few questions raised that I ran out of time to answer,  please find answers below:

  • How are you going to conduct the Consultation? The Steering Committee will map out the consultation process which will be a mixture of both online and offline engagement, ensuring sufficient is received from across the community. The exact approach will be shared on the website prior to commencement including event dates and ways to get involved.
  • What sort of working groups will you have? The ten groups outlined above will be a mixture of community, business, local Government and academia, ensuring that there are sector specialists within the group that can help advise and steer on any technical matters and making sure group activity is well supported.
  • COP 26 is happening soon. Could the group do something to support/publicise/celebrate that? Absolutely! It would be great if we could hold a Uttoxeter Fringe event and celebrate all of the work that will be kicking off in November.
  • Could we twin with other places doing similar work? Collaboration and learning from others is the key to making a project like this a success. We would definitely look to link in with other regions to share ideas and look at ways we can work together.

More information will be coming out shortly and will be added to the website https://sustainableuttoxeter.org.uk

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